Sunday, 30 November 2014


Summer via playin' around on Polyvore (you wonderful app.)

Friday, 7 November 2014

Girl with a Pearl Earring

In the midst of (not) studying for exams, I stumbled across two marvellous things:
1. A streetstyle photo on Vanessa Jackman's blog that called to mind a 21st-century reincarnation of Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. 
2. Polyvore. 

My Friday morning headache was sufficiently cured as my finger swiped through echelons of material wonder to create a little collage inspired by the unique, jewel-toned, Baroque, dim-silhouetted, dutch-lapis lazuli-indian yellow richly draped essence of Vermeer's timeless tableau and Jackman's intriguing portraiture.

(listed clockwise)
1. No. 21 Ines Tie-Neck Chiffon Shirt in Berry
2. Bauble Bar Pearl Ishtar Drops
3. Megan Huntz Charlotte Maxi Dress
4. Aurelie Bidermann Cheyne Walk Earrings
5. Contileoni Floral Print Silk Chiffon & Linen Scarf
6. Snow Black Boots handmade 
7. MSGM Printed Duchesse-Satin Mini Dress
8. Bardot Gold Solar Cuff

1. Langani Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace, 1970s
2. T By Alexander Wang Short Dress
3. Noir sachinbabi Women's Margarete High-Low Metallic Ball Skirt in Bronze
4. Valentino Lace Blouse
5. Roksanda Ilincic Marlow Stretch Wool Twill Trousers
6. Free People Manchester Tall Boot
7. Saint Laurent Red Wool Hooded Cape
8. Dr Martens Buckled Loafers
9. Isaac Mizrahi Pearl Pendant Necklace
10. Wouters & Hendrix Gold Crows Claws Pearl Brooch
11. Loewe Pre-owned Brooch (with red)
12. Oscar de la Renta Brooch

Monday, 6 October 2014

Diary of a Day Away


To Bowral in the Southern Highlands we went...where we began in Corbett Gardens to see the tulips. In the sweltering sunshine, we clicked away at the flowers in their fading glory; flaming yellow lips crowded together, exposed under the perfect cruelty of an Australian blue sky. A magnificent boughed tree called for clambering upon, though not the wisest idea in my flimsy sandals, as I soon realised.   

Next, we traipsed over to Milton Gardens, part of the Milton Park Country House and Hotel; driving up through a tall, treelined corridor through gates into woodland gardens of a bygone era. From here on in, the whole day was suffused, with, shall we say, the earlybird filter on instagram (what can I say- I'm a gen Y kid.) Around charming bends, at times I felt like Anne of Green Gables as she wondered at the natural delights of Prince Edward Island- especially entering the gates of Bluebell Woods and into the little glen beyond. Then, when we stumbled onto the scene of a just-then wedding ceremony, I swear I could still hear the minister's voice and quiet rustling of ladies' dresses, drop pearl earrings bobbing in the afternoon breeze. On the outer rim, we found a wall of hedges that we followed, like the maze in Alice in Wonderland...until a stone bench on a hill and a widespread fir above came into view like a tableau just waiting to be stepped into. I immediately thought of the opening credits of Downton Abbey and wouldn't have been surprised if Lord Grantham appeared at that moment, dog by his side and morning paper under his arm. Then, a nonchalant snap of my mum from behind some roses- of which she promptly declared the title to be "Woman sitting in a garden." Like a Monet! See if you can map this little story out yourself in the photos below...

I guess you might say we indulged our imaginations and our senses, in what was equal parts like being an elegant, well-to-do lady sipping a glass of iced tea which had come from the silver tray of a waistcoated butler,  as well as like being a child with stars in her eyes and no shoes on her feet on a summer holiday. And yes, I do have a penchant for long sentences. 

october and breezy

It was the fourth day of october, unseasonably warm, faintly muggy, but smoothed over by a strange summer breeze (hello, spring? have you already left?). So, I thought I would swing in time with miss october and continue my hat game, slip into something slippery, and my well-ventilated, well-worn boyfriend jeans. The result: a boxy silhouette and sensations of lightness and litheness. 

Later on, some uncertainty was voiced: 
Was the whole outfit just too "light", as in lollipop rainbow indie filter? 
Was then duly reminded by Blossom and Buttercup that "your soul is black". 

The afternoon passed in a mellow golden haze, the horizon folding into the harbour and city lights never really coming into focus though they were there. From The Rocks to Circular Quay to Balmain East to Town Hall to Oxford St; From the Chocolate Festival to the Food Festival to a hat shop to the Museum of Contemporary Art to another exhibition to the ferry to Balmain East to the liquor store to Cappello Pizzeria to the perfect grassy vantage point to the bus to Mcdonalds to Oxford Art Factory to The Cliff Dive to Hello Sailor...

No plans, no intentions, just three pairs of feet and three pairs of young hungry eyes and hungrier hearts. I documented less to drink in more of the moment, hence just a little collage...I think words only go so far but it was kind of like this this

Saturday, 27 September 2014

On my way

When I tried to call to mind today's inspiration I thought of Jenny in Forest Gump- the hopeless 1960s bohemian, free spirited groupie. Just going somewhere, just because. 

Or I just really wanted to wear my new hat. 

Anyhoo, we were wandering around these photogenic streets amidst the Surry Hills Festival. A pleasant optimism surged in me just from walking among all these funky people and soaking up the September sunshine. Sometimes ya just gotta see the world being a pretty place to keep on keeping on with dreams and ideals. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

The Magic Hour

Victoria Harbour, South Australia

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sights and Senses, Adelaide

Peeping in to the foyer of the Stamford Grand Hotel at Glenelg Beach, the day greeted us with a sense of grand, gothic gloom. It was a fitting backdrop to the morning's sights at St Peter's Cathedral.

Our feast of the senses really took off, of course, with chocolate. What else? A trip to the original site of Haigh's Chocolate showcased their unique local history and commitment to handmade quality. We left with plenty of aphrodisiacs in tow and in our bellies- perhaps why the rest of the day passed with memorable pleasure. 

There is nothing like the buzz and colour and simple vibrancy of the marketplace. The Adelaide Central Market was a delight to wander around and enjoy. Nothing photographs as well as fresh food either!

The German village of Hahndorf was Australia's first German settlement. Interestingly, its name was changed to Ambleside during WWI due to widespread anti-German sentiment, but later, the people voted to change its name back. 

As Oscar Wilde said, 'moderation is fatal. Enough is as good as a meal. More than enough is as good as a feast' - we upheld this wise creed with bier, strudel, cheesecake, sausages and sauerkraut at the Hahndorf Inn.